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Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic (DSIA) associates Czech companies engaged in research, development, production, trade and marketing of the military and security equipment, material and services. It was founded in 1997 as a non-governmental, independent, apolitical, non-profit organization. Since its foundation it is a respected partner of the Czech Government, the Ministries of Industry and Trade, Defence, Interior and Foreign Affairs. With these institutions the DSIA signed a series of cooperation agreements.

It became an important partner and participant in the legislative processes. DSIA promotes business and commercial interests of its members in a dialogue with the Parliament, ministries, other government authorities. DSIA is a primary contact point for similar foreign institutions. It helps foreign firms to find suitable partners and vice-versa it helps the Czech firms to contact appropriate companies abroad.

DSIA supports pro-export efforts of its member companies and helps them to look for new markets. It also participates in shaping of the national pro-export policy and supports export interests of the DSIA members towards the state administration.

One of the DSIA tasks is to negotiate the state or EU support of main specialized domestic and foreign fairs. It helps
the exhibitors to administrate the state support, to negotiate better prices and to boost their PR activities. DSIA actively supports research and development interests of the member companies and helps them to create specialized groups for complex solutions to meet specific tasks.

The Association became an indispensable intermediary for domestic and international cooperation. It provides exchange of information concerning tenders, supplies and demands between state organizations and the industry.
The membership in the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) and cooperation with the European Defence Agency (EDA) allows the DSIA to be a part of discussions concerning future of the European defence and security industry. It is engaged in the NIAG (NATO Industrial Advisory Group) activities. It also cooperates with NSPA (NATO Support Agency) and is active in programs like AEW&C, AGS and others. DSIA
also organized training courses for member companies, using the EU funding. The programs included the area of quality, standardization and cataloging in the security sector and defense industry.

The Association cooperates with the publishing house MS Line on publishing a magazine called the Czech Defence Industry and Security Review which is a media platform for the Czech defence and security industry.